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Paul's Poetry


Paul was accepted in 2010 as a full member of the League of Canadian Poets.


Here is Paul's latest book of poetry and illustrations-

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This book won First Prize for Best Poetry Book as well as an award for Most Innovative Book of Poetry in the 2018-2019 Reader's Views Literary Awards.

Vice and Virtue

Reviews of Vice and Virtue:


Vice and Virtue is an encompassing collection of poems, truly vast in the number of themes, subjects it covers and emotions it evokes. It is truly majestic. It is an eclectic collection of challenging poems by Paul Kloschinsky, filled with intelligent, keen observations of modern societies, the systems within them, human nature and existence. Vice and Virtue is without a doubt worth keeping in your collection; it stays with you.
Reviewed By Sandy Masia

This is a book that definitely paints pictures with words. You feel like you’re the social outcast, standing on the outside, looking in and wondering what it is that society feels is so wrong with you. Looking at both sides from the point of view of the extremes and the clear and brilliant views of someone who can really paint the picture is the best way to know.
Reviewed By Samantha Dewitt

Vice and Virtue: A Poetic Celebration of Fun by Paul Kloschinsky is a poetry collection comprised of an eclectic mix of themes and subjects. It also contains images and art work. I liked the poems and, more than the poems, I loved the illustrations. Some of them are just fantastic and aesthetically very pleasing and inspiring.
Reviewed By Gisela Dixon

Vice and Virtue (A poetic celebration of fun) by Paul Kloschinsky is an interesting collection of well-written poems. The poems do not share one common theme; instead, each poem has its own unique theme such as death, spirits, tobacco, and more. Overall, I really enjoyed this collection of poems and I hope the author decides to create another, similar style collection in the future with images!
Reviewed By Sefina Hawke


Below are Paul's first three books of poetry. They can be purchased
from Trafford Publishing by clicking on the cover images below.

To view sample poems from A Time To Cry click here.

To listen to a radio interview with Paul about A Time to Cry click here


A Time to Cry Deliverance Simplicity

Review of A Time To Cry:

"Kloschinsky's musings reflect a soul in turmoil, a mind and heart that cry out first against his mental illness and what it does both to him and those who love him. Although obviously well-educated and familiar enough with classical literature to include the occasional reference or allusion to a poet or a specific literary subject, Kloschinsky's own verse is unpretentious and uniquely his own. As painful as his subject matter may be, the author's emotional transparency and competence in his craft make his poetry a pleasure to read."

From a review of A Time To Cry by John E. Roper.

To read full review click here.

Review of Deliverance:

"Paul Kloschinsky's poetry collection explores the full gamut of human emotion, plummeting into the dark chasms of anguish and despair, and rising to the reclamation of the author's own life, a once-imagined unattainable height, while delving into the concrete details of everyday life. Themes are far ranging, from portrayals of contemporary life, homages to poets, to religious and spiritual confessionals. The author summons Greco-Roman gods by name, invokes the great writers from the past, and requests that they bestow their wisdom.

An honest, heart-felt collection, Kloschinsky’s Deliverance could be considered a poetic chart tracking its author's stumbles and falls, and eventual rise and skyward climb in his attempt to sing his songs."

From a review of Deleverance by Omar Figueras.

To read full review click here.