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Here are four of Paul's original songs you can listen to.
All songs Copyright 2009-2015 P.J. Kloschinsky. All Rights Reserved.



Paul's first album, Woodlands, is available on iTunes. It was released on Feb 24, 2009:



Winner - Best Canadian Songwriter,
2007 MusicAid Awards, for Wearin' Blue.

Semi-Finalist - 2007 UK Songwriting Contest for Wearin' Blue.

Semi-Finalist - 2012 Song of the Year Competition for All I'm Hopin' For.

Honor Award - 100% Music Songwriting Contest

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"Woodlands is a consummate work of art where prodigy Paul Kloschinsky writes, sings, plays guitar, harmonica, produces and even shoots photography for the album cover to create a very cohesive folk album. Intense lyrics explore a wide range of subject matter that is both timeless and elucidating with natural common sense wisdom."

                         from a review by Julian Gorman

              (Click here to read Julian's full review                       of Woodlands on Paul's Blog)


Paul's second album, Like Your Hero, is also available on iTunes. It was released on January 11, 2013:



"Doing everything from singing and playing instruments all the way to fully producing the album himself, Paul Kloschinsky has constructed a shockingly respectable release. Kloschinsky is a musician, first and foremost.  But he is also a poet; and you can bet that plays into his lyrics. A listen to any of his songs will tell you why he was awarded with such an honor; his songwriting and storytelling skills are such that it makes his words difficult to forget.

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The opening song Ignition showcases Kloschinsky as a complete package.  It offers a catchy beat with memorable lyrics, shows off his writing skills, and even contains an electric guitar solo. The title track Like Your Hero is likewise catchy.

There is true talent in Kloschinsky's work. Like Your Hero is worth a listen for the lyrics and melodies alone."

                     from a review by Alec Cunningham

              (Click here to read Alec's full review                       of Like Your Hero on Paul's Blog)


Paul's third album, Better Late Than Never, is also available on iTunes and Amazon. It was released in December, 2014:




Winner - Best Folk Album, 2016 Akademia Music Awards.


“Better Late Than Never” by Paul Kloschinsky is a compelling, soulful, melodic, musical journey. The music is diverse, consistent, grooving, upbeat, soulful and entertaining. The songwriting – all consistent musical experiences, each one possessing a unique personality, flair and signature groove. This CD will be a real joy for those listeners out there who want an old school folk-rock experience to fill their atmosphere.


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This straight forward, easy to digest musical format makes for a great musical experience many will enjoy. I recommend you just hit play, close your eyes and see where the journey takes you.

                     from a review by Cyrus Rhodes

              (Click here to read Cyrus's full review                   of Better Late Than Never on Paul's Blog)

Paul's fourth album, Nobody Knows, is also available on iTunes and Amazon. It was released in October, 2016:



Award winning Canadian songwriter Paul Kloschinsky has established a much deserved reputation as a formidable talent, but his latest full length release Nobody Knows likely pushes him onto a much brighter stage than before. Rarely are albums so unified and, yet, so difficult to pin down stylistically. This fleet-footed facility places his work in a rare class.. Nobody Knows is his finest work yet.”

- Jason Hillenburg


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“It’s heartening to hear someone so in command of their powers be so willing to reach beyond them and try to expand their frame of musical reference. His efforts at blending different styles on Nobody Knows are what gives it much of its merit and character and the album’s appeal grows with repeated listening”

- Cyrus Rhodes


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Paul's fifth album, Crime of Passion, is also available on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music. It was released in June, 2017:



The latest album from Canadian singer/songwriter Paul Kloschinsky, Crime of Passion, continues burnishing his reputation as one of the finest singer/songwriter talents working in today’s indie scene. He’s a poet and recognized photographer who brings both a literary and cinematic aspect to the songwriting that’s welcome and artfully included. Crime of Passion bristles with intelligence and musicality impossible to deny, and will draw in anyone who appreciates sharp and thoughtful artistry.

- Jason Hillenburg


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Crime of Passion finds this veteran performer working at or near the peak of his abilities. Kloschinsky shows a wont for coloring outside the lines and making an impression with his willingness to gamble. Crime of Passion is a eight song collection wrestling with an assortment of passions and it leaves a deep impact on the listener.

- Lance Wright


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Wearin' Blue Music Video (** Winner- Best Folk/Singer-Songwriter Music Video, 2016 Akademia Music Awards) :


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